At Manna Foods we supply our accounts with three delicious types of veal.

Western Veal: A natural, grain fed baby beef.

Formula Fed Veal: A natural baby beef raised on a milk fed diet making it lighter in color then the western veal. It can also be referred to as white veal.

Bobby Veal: A natural, grain fed, baby beef that is younger and smaller than the other two types of veal.

Bucher Shop

  • Osso Bucco: Western or formula fed veal shanks cut as per your specifications. They are cut from the veal fore-shanks or hind-shanks. Recommended size: 1 ½”-2”.
  • Western Veal Porterhouse: A porterhouse steak cut from the bone-in western veal short-loin. Cut to your specifications, recommended size: 12-14oz.